Number of passengers
Please check the car specifications into online booking, as cannot accept responsibility in case the vehicle booked is not large enough to fit all passengers and luggage on arrival.

Provision of Cars reserves the right to refuse to provide a car to any customer who is, in their opinion, unfit to drive or does not meet eligibility requirements.He also reserves the right of providing a vehicle of higher category in case the vehicle category booked is not available.In case you are not satisfied in any way with the standard of your booked car, you SHOULD contact, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Such situations are to be handled with locally. Failure to do so may result in claims being rejected or unsettled. Aiming at the improvement of our services, we would appreciate any feedback on your experience.

Liability assumes no liability for actual rentals that do not take place due to reasons for which the hirer is responsible.Such reasons are for example:

The terms and conditions as well as the rental agreement signed on pick-up are governed by local laws and are legally binding on the hirer. All reservations are made by and all coupons and vouchers are issued by

Consequential loss
Athens Luxury Cars
 is not liable for any indirect losses that happen as a side-effect of the main loss or damage, which could not have been foreseen by the client and (such as loss of profits or loss of opportunity).

Force Majeure
Athens Luxury Cars is not liable for either a failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations under this booking agreement in case a performance is delayed, hindered or prevented due to force majeure, meaning any event beyond the reasonable control of, such as natural disasters etc.

Special requests
Child seats:
The first child seat is free of charge. You can check the corresponding box at online checkout page.Due to insurance rules you are required to fit the child seat yourself.

Across border rentals
Not allowed.

Ferrying the rented car
F errying is normally allowed within the same country, but must be requested at You should always inform the car rental company when taking a car on a ferry. 

Additional drivers
An additional driver is free of charge.

The rates include:

  1. 450€ for Category B, C
  2. 500€ for Category D, E, E1, E2, E4
  3.  750€ for Category F, F1, F2, S
  4. 1.000€  for Category H, H1, H2, G3
  5.  1.500€ - 2.500€ for the other Categories.

Full insurance (F.D.W) OPTIONAL
Full Damage Waiver (F.D.W.) insurance reduces the above excess amounts of C.D.W with an extra cost and is available only for specific car categories.

F.D.W is NOT included in the rates.

Exceptions to an All Inclusive Insurance
Athens Luxury Cars shall not compensate you for any of the following damages, which have to be paid by the client:

Moreover, shall not compensate the client for any damage caused by negligence. We may consider as negligence any damage unnoticed by the driver. Such damages also have to be paid by the client himself. shall not pay for any telephones, hotels or taxis used after an accident.

Accident / breakdown / theft
In case of an accident involving your rental car you should contact the nearest police station immediately to fill an accident report and inform the car rental company. The vehicle should not be removed from the place of the accident. If you do not report the accident to the police in compliance to the Greek law, the insurance may become invalid.The report should state if there was any influence of alcohol or drugs. You should also report any accident or damage to the car rental company.

The above procedure should also be followed in case of other damages to the rental car. In case the rental vehicle is damaged while parked you have to report the damage to the car rental company before you move the car.In case of theft the client is obliged to file a police report and to hand this document over to the car rental company. You should also inform the car rental company immediately about any theft. The documentation and keys of the car should be returned to the car rental company. 

 The client should report all damages IMMEDIATELY to the car rental company.Any accident or damage to the vehicle that has not been reported may be interpreted as negligence, which may result in charging the client.

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